By djwayne, Jan 29 2018 09:15PM

Glad-waggs Wisbech is now open for business.

Why not take the opportunity to have a look around the site and download our registration form.

Pre registration recommended.

The vast area of garden is springing into life with daffs' and roses blooming allready.

By djwayne, Dec 3 2017 03:59PM

Glad-Wags will be going live within the next few weeks.

If you would like to learn more, ask a questionor just register your interest please email us at

Alternatively use the contact form on the Home page or complete the reistration form, again, available from the Glad-Wags Home page.

By djwayne, Nov 21 2017 09:37PM

Great progress on our new customer friendly web site.

To date we have posted a copy of our Insurance certificate for all to view as well as a copy of the CRB/DBS certificate.

There are still odd jobs to be completed as well as checking the web site to ensure everything is working satisfactory. As with all exciting projects there may always be some niggles and teething troubles to be fixed.

In the meantime if you would like urther information about Glad-Wags please use the contact form or e-mail

Thank you

By djwayne, Nov 6 2017 07:03PM

Site commissiond courtesy of Frogbeat Designs with thanks.

Here at Glag-Wags we are looking forward to meeting new clients. Please email us for further information and let us know your personal expectations and requirements. Although the site is up and running we still need to finish some work to ensure safety, legal requirements and documentation are finalised.

Please contact us and pre register via email


Wayne & Joyce


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