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Dominica 2018 My trip of a lifetime" is a book of Hope and recovery! It follows the journey of a family who are caught up in the devastation of hurricane Maria!

Available from Amazon, ebay and Facebook.

ISBN 978-1-5272-3260-0 Proceeds to "Help for Dominica"

Want to visit that stately home but dogs are not allowed?


You do not wish to leave your pet alone for a few hours?


A doctors appointment to attend?


An opportunity to attend a sporting extravaganza?


The list goes on and on!

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Arrange to drop off and pick up your pet at agreed times. The client agreement form can be completed on line prior to the visit or completed when your pet is dropped off.




£8 Half day

TBC Hour

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Wayne and Joyce have lived in Elm Wisbech for 5 years and the proud owners of 2 dogs Connor and Max who have sadly passed on now. We have a huge garden with plenty of spaces to explore and have fun.

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